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About us

Blooming Fresh Flower, a Premier Floral Corp company is a family owned and operated Floral distributor specializing in providing the finest fresh-cut flowers imported from many countries around the world. Our team is dedicated to bringing unique options and experiences to our clients, and prides ourselves on top customer satisfaction on all levels of the business, starting with the soil we plant on, to the cutting, and the packaging we ship. We deliver directly from our farms to ensure freshness, fast delivery, and a wide variety of colors that only a skilled florist could master.


We at BFF are honored to service all our clients from small retailers to large entities. We are able to serve them because of our reliable relationships and partnerships throughout so many reputable and high quality farms who hold many distinguished certifications such as: Rainforest Alliance Certification, Florverde and Veriflora. This allows our clients to receive the highest quality products and still be able to offer competitive prices to their customers.

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