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Flores coloridas

Flower Care

by following these simple instructions, you will enjoy your BFF & their luscious full blooms for longer days.

1. It is important for the flowers to be cut in an angle and placed in water upon arriva. Once cut in an angle and in water, they may be stored at room temperature as long they are kept away from direct sunlight.

2.  Before you unpack your flowers, choose a work area that includes a table and a floor that can resist water. Have handy garden shears or durable scissors and empty containers/vases.

3. Begin by carefully unpacking the flowers by cutting the straps, without removing the wrapper thus protecting the flower buds. Keep in mind that some bunches might have multiple layered stems.

4. Prepare containers/vases by filling with room temperature water. Pour in half of pack Floral food provided and mix. Save the rest for when you change the water in a few days.

5. Cut each stem at an angle at least half inch from the bottom or to your desired length. Remove leaves that may fall below the water line to prevent forming of bacteria.

6. Place flowers in your prepared containers/vases. The wrappers that protect the buds should be kept on while the flowers are hydrating. Hydration occurs anywhere between 2 and 5 hours. Carefully remove the wrappers after hydration occurs. In roses you have 2 to 3 guard petals you may remove your guard petals for a lustrous view.

7. It takes about 24-48 hours for the true color of each flower to develop. To ensure longer lasting flowers, contin­ue to keep them out of direct sunlight and away from heat. Change water and cut stems half inch every other day. Each time you change the water, add more floral food (or sugar) and make sure no leaves sit below the water level.

8. Keep in mind that roses have 2 to 5 guard petals. These, in many varieties, have a different color than the true color of the rose. For example, white roses may have green guard petals and red roses have dark red or black borders. You can remove them right after hydration occurs. Or you can leave them on for a more natural garden look.

9. With the passage of time, give your flowers a makeover every couple of days by gently removing any discolored petals and yellowing leaves from your flowers.


Live it up & enjoy your BFF

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